Language exchange?

There is a twist about language exchanges... Most of the people want English but English speakers are the least to be inclined to learn foreign languages. Some languages exchanges could find difficulties to find a match. Did it happen to you?

Apr 19, 2019 6:04 AM
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Well, this can be true that English speakers are the least inclined to learn foreign languages.

I think thisis why Jean-Luc has downvotes, but this can simply be true. Whatever the attitude to language learning is in the English speaking world is, "Engish" is not foreign to them. This already makes them "the least inclined".

In Russia it is also assumed that knowing foreign langauges (English, French, Chinese and so on) is a very good idea. Not many people know them, but most people find it a good idea. It connects you to the world. It makes you an educated person.

I don't know if it is different in English speaking countries. Perhaps. When everyone wants to move to your country you can become less curious. When most of modern scientific research is published in English you may start thinking about other languages in a different way than how we think in Russia.

On the other hand, English speakers who do learn langauges and who come to this site might be more curious and better educated than many English learners.
April 19, 2019

I don't know why this post was downvoted.

I think you have a valid point Jean-Luc. Language learning amongst native English speakers is not a high priority. It is common to go through your whole schooling with little, or no foreign language learning in Australia.

As a native English speaker I have not had a problem finding language partners for my target language, although not everyone is interested in speaking to someone with an Australian accent and not everyone is a "good fit" as a language partner.

Have you had luck finding language partners? 

April 19, 2019

In Canada, there is minimal interest in Europe or Asia.  I find it unfortunate but completely understandable due to the physical isolation of North America.

Canadians don't travel to other countries the way that Europeans tend to do.  Canadians who do travel are likely to visit the United States as a "grand trip" when they are young.  For well-off retirees, having a second home in Florida is popular and these retirees usually spend the winter months in warm Florida.

Not surprisingly, people have minimal interest in their required foreign language classes during their school years and then they forget everything.  

As for language exchange, I have tried language exchange (English-Spanish) on two sites.  I gave up after three months due to frequent cancellations by unreliable partners.  Now, I pay for language practice.  

April 19, 2019
Taking into account that each part of the process wants to get the most out of it I can't agree more that it is extremely difficult to find a perfect match. This is grossly compounded by the common misunderstanding that your exchange partner has to teach you the language. And if anything goes wrong you would found your partner guilty in the first place. I guess this practice mostly discourages native speakers who are already in high demand from having an exchange. 
April 19, 2019

I find language exchange difficult and I think the problem is with me. I am a bit fussy and the language I learn is quite hard. I have no idea what a 'successful' language exchange is but I always feel like I teach English more than I learn of the other language.

April 19, 2019
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