"Sink" or "basin", "motorbike" or " scooter" In your country people use " sink " or "basin" word.

In my english class, when i said " bồn rửa mặt ( Vietnamesse language )" is a sink, then my english teacher told me " wrong" its must be basin.

She said that " sink is not a noun, its a verb"

Does anyone can told me what difference between them ?.

One more thing, for the "Vietnamese motorbike" you will call it scooter or motorbike.

Apr 19, 2019 11:15 AM
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It seems as if your teacher is trying to make a distinction that doesn't really exist, with sink and basin, at least in British English. For "Vietnamese motorbike", image search on google show vehicles I would call motorbikes, and scooters, and mopeds for this. I don't know exactly which of these you mean :) You could look at http://www.motorcycletesttips.uk/learn-to-ride/moped-scooter-motorcycle/

Oxford English Dictionary



1British A bowl for washing, typically attached to a wall and having taps connected to a water supply; a washbasin.



1A fixed basin with a water supply and outflow pipe.
<em>‘I stood at the kitchen sink’</em>
as modifier <em>‘a sink unit with cupboard and drawers under’</em>
June 23, 2019
You should have said what country your teacher is from!

In the US, a basin or a tub is a big plastic bowls you wash vegetables or the dog in.
In the kitchen and the bathroom, where the water comes out and spins down the hole, is a sink (noun), because there is a hole that goes down.

To sink, the verb, is what happens if you jump in the ocean, and cannot swim.

'Motorbike' is what most expats in Vietnam call xe may under 175cc without the gasoline tank on the top. Those are called 'big bikes' because bigger engines too.

A scooter is a kind of motorbike like Vespa or SH or Vario or Vision. But some people call all motorbikes 'scooters'. Whatever.

In the US, there are very few scooters, driven by hipsters in cities. The rest are called motorcycles.

June 23, 2019

A motorbike is more common in the UK for larger CC sized " motorcycles" for smaller CC sized bikes common in the far east The UK calls these "scooters" the bikes where you can sit on them with your feet on a platform the UK say "scooter(s)".

For the traditional bikes where you rest your foot on a peg The UK says "Motor Bike" 

The people who ride the motorbikes or scooters are called "motorcyclists" or"motorbike riders"

April 19, 2019
in my country, Brazil, we use a sink for that "object" where we wash dishes and cutlery in the kitchen, or where we wash our hands and brush our teeth in the bathroom.
that is, it is stuck to the wall.
already the basin is used to put clothes with water when we want that it is a little stopped it to soften the dirt.
is a loose object (not attached to the wall) equal to a bucket.
and here we speak motorbike (moto) or scooter. the moto is more powerful, bigger. the scooter is a smaller and weaker motorbike
April 19, 2019

A sink or a basin is a noun in English. It can be a place or vessel from where and and which point you wash either yourself or any other items, such as laundry or the dishes, pots and pans, saucepans etc. 

Sink is probably a little more common in the UK and in The US they use the word basin I think.

A basin is also a round shaped vessel for storing water usually OR liquids for carrying water to a larger basin or sink.




A basin can also be a geographical term referring to a part of a river or where water collects. 

A basin can also be a larger part of a canal system where there is a large area of water set aside from the canal where water is designed to be kept and where barges can turn around. Often located next to or adjacent to "locks"

A sink can also be a term used to describe a geographical feature where water sinks into the ground or sometimes where the ground "sinks"(verb). Into the earth. Or a sink can also be a (noun) a place where water is deigned to sink away in a drainage system. A sink away is a word for an area where water is designed to slowly sink away into the ground to drain of a waterlogged field or garden etc. 

There are literally hundreds of different ways of using the words sink and basin and many different contexts and professions, sciences etc you can apply the words to.

"TO SINK" to go under water is the verb. 

April 19, 2019