How do you learn verbs in Russian?

I'd like to know how you approach learning verbs in a language, specifically one that has a conjugation scheme such as with Russian. For instance the verb "сомнева́ться / усомни́ться" in the imperfective and perfective forms. For me it is difficult to remember these verbs and even more so to remember the conjugations for them. I use a spaced repetition application called Anki to practice remembering but even so after 7 or 8 reviews I sometimes still cannot remember.

How do you normally learn new verbs? Do you have any tricks for learning faster? 

Apr 19, 2019 2:48 PM
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The best way to learn them faster is to use them in context. Better use them in speaking. Ask you Russian teacher to help you with it. Take a group of verbs with the same root and practice them in dialogues. 
April 20, 2019
And if your problem is recognizing it, then... well. One obstacle is "-ся". Enough to notice it.
The other is stress. Actually stressed -ить- in усомниться sounds differnetly from unstressed -ить- in гуглиться even though it is written the same way. Then again, either memorizing it or listening.

P.S. sorry. Actually yoru question is addressed to other learners. 
April 19, 2019

Shaun, if you asked about nouns, I would say "listening, listening, listnening". Drills can help too, but Russian declension can be so irregular....  
But with verbs maybe some tricks are possible.

Сомневаться is a farly regular verb. Усомниться is also a regular verb.  But the way perfective and imperfective forms are made in this pair is strange:/ You say your problem is conjugation though. 

-ать and -ить are the MOST common conjugation classes. I think it is not a problem for you to memorize the 6 present endings for them.

гуглить "to google"
гуглю гуглим
гуглишь гуглите
гуглит гуглят

This demonstrates how this -ить conjugation is common. When we need to form a new jokulary verb we just add -ить.

Now intransitive form гуглиться.

It is what a fact which you are trying to find in google can do for you.
Что-то твоя ссылка не гуглится.  Literally: "somehow your link doesn't google."  Doesn't want to be found.

It has the same conjugation just with -ся (after vowels it -сь).
гуглюсь гуглимся
гуглишься гуглитесь
гуглится гуглятся

It is the same conjugation as "усомниться", the only difference is stress. In гугл у is stressed. If you don't remember -ить conjugation.... Memorize it or just listen and read and till you remember them and don't worry. Or learn afew songs by heart.

But if you remember this conjugation, then your problem is recognizing it instinctively. 

April 19, 2019
Try to get a feel for the patterns because they do exist. Im also learning Russian and I still have very poor grasp of the language but verbs do seem very regular to me. As far as memorizing, maybe try to learn verbs in families. I.e держать выдержать одержать study their conjugation patterns and so forth.
April 19, 2019
I do not know any tricks to learn Russian verbs faster, but I would be glad to help you with them.
April 19, 2019