How to understand these expressions?

Hello to all.

Could anyone help me to explain the sentences below? Especially the phrase 'shrinking from no perilous seas'.

And many another picture is full of the temper of spiritual adventurousness, athirst for the beauty of the beyond, exulting in infinite horizons and shrinking from no perilous seas. 

Thanks so much! 

Apr 20, 2019 2:53 PM
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Thans so much, My My and Mon! 

Really appreciate your answers! Great help! 

It is true. The book under my translation was written more than 100 years ago by a British sinologist. 

The language he used is so literary and obscure to understand. 

I still have a few questions, will upload later. 

Thanks again! 

April 21, 2019

Hi Ivy. This is a really poetic, old-fashioned piece of writing. : ) Keep in mind that people don't usually talk this way, this language is mostly in old books. 

"And many another picture"

Modern English: "Many other pictures"

"full of the temper of spiritual adventurousness,"

- "temper" in this context means "state of mind" or "mood". 

"a thirst for the beauty of the beyond,"
- thirst, in this context, means "desire".

- "beauty of the beyond" is just kind of poetic nonsense. : )

"exulting in infinite horizons" 

- "exulting" is to be really happy about something; to celebrate something. 

- "Infinite horizons" is more poetic nonsense. "horizons" in this context means "land" or "the world" or also "the beyond". "infinite" means never-ending.

"shrinking from no perilous seas."

- Basic translation: To fear no challenge.

- To shrink is to become small. However, in this context, it means "to be afraid of" or "to shy away from" something.

- In this sentence, "perilous seas" is a metaphor for a challenge. A "perilous sea" might be a rough, windy sea that might be difficult to sail on.

- The writer is saying they will not be afraid of a difficult journey ahead.

Let me know if you have more questions. : )

April 20, 2019

I think the adventurousness is the object that is being described. I think the last sentence means that even a dangerous sea can't "shrink" it = can't scare it or stop it. So an unstoppable drive is being described that I'm guessing the hero has within.

April 20, 2019