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Learn some American slang with Alice.

It's Alice here. American English speaker in the United States. Born and raised here. I am ready to help you learn some American slang words and phrases. Try using them today! 

all-nighter (studying all night). I fell asleep after an all-nighter.

beat (exhausted). I’m really beat.

bent out of shape (upset). Don’t get so bent out of shape.

blow a fuse (lose your temper). Hey, don’t blow a fuse over this.

blown away (greatly impressed). I was blown away by his presentation.

bonkers (crazy). I think I am going bonkers.

break it up (stop). Break it up, or I’ll call the police.

Apr 20, 2019 4:43 PM
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thanks for share that information Alice, its really necesary to add more vocabulary and be update.


April 20, 2019
Thank u Alice for help us. God bless u
April 20, 2019

More American Slang Cheesy (adj.): Cheap, tacky. "A cheesy pick-up line", "A cheesy song", etc.

Hold your horses: Wait a minute!

Hyped (adj.): Really excited. "We're all hyped about the concert next weekend."

Lemon: a bad buy or purchase.

My Bad: my fault or my mistake.

May 6, 2019
You're welcome Manuel! Glad to help! 
April 20, 2019
You're welcome Alan! :)
April 20, 2019
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