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Australian Slang: How many of these have you heard of?
We tend to chuck "o" on the end of shortened words when using slang.
Here are some words used daily in Australia. YES, these are used all the time!
How many have you use or heard of before?

Servo (Gas Station)
Bottle-o (Bottle Shop)
Misso (Girlfriend-Think Miss/Mrs)
Arvo (Afternoon)
Veggo (Vegetarian)
Avo (Avocado)

Apr 21, 2019 1:43 AM
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I actually use arvo and avo all the time. Of course, I have some friends who are Aussie, so that's where I got it from. Personally, I love "arvo". It's so much faster to say or type!
April 21, 2019
And the Aussie often use the barbie and go to the woolies.
April 21, 2019
Oh, how interesting.

I like "servo", it sounds good.

April 21, 2019

Someday ago, Casey posted a thread (<a href=""></a>;) with an article(<a href=""></a>;) which was about abbreviation and how commonly they are being used. That's interesting though! 

And I never heard of any of the abbr. mentioned by you. You guys are really good at cut-short any word to be more friendly:D

April 21, 2019
Never heard of any of them. Guess I need to watch some Australian movies 
April 21, 2019