Stasa Djordjevic
Easter traditions! :)
Every country has a different tradition, for example in Italy- Easter is today and most of people have bought a chocolate egg which they will have for a dessert. In Serbia on the other hand, Easter is in a week from now and everyone will have boiled eggs colored in many different colors in their house- but the first one to paint will be in red, and it is called "Čuvar kuće" meaning "House protector"- this is the egg that protects the house and everyone living in it. That is the only egg you won't break, you will keep it until the next Easter when you'll break it somewhere where are lots of ants (this means that everyone in the house will be a hard worker). There is also a traditional competition for the strongest egg! And it brings so much joy for both kids and adults. :) Practically you and your competitor will kick the pointier part of the egg with the other egg, and the same goes for the round part of the egg. Who's egg breaks loses! :D What is the tradition in your country like?
Apr 21, 2019 11:18 AM
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In the USA, communities often sponsor Easter Egg hunts, where all the little ones are gathered, lined up and then released like a pack of hounds and off they go scurrying to and fro looking for plastic eggs which contain treats or prizes. 

That's how it is done where I live. Your community may vary.  

April 21, 2019
That is so interesting Chuck! :) Thank you for sharing.
April 21, 2019
Nice to hear..but I lost connection between Ester and chocolate eggs. Maybe change name for the event?
April 21, 2019