Looking for someone that can teach me french. Hi!

I speak four other languages and french is my fifth language. I hope that someone is willing to teach me french, I already know the basics I just want to speak the language more fluently.

I can teach you one of my languages if you are willing to teach me! merci :)

Apr 21, 2019 1:32 PM
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Dilara, you have every right to choose language partners that you feel comfortable with. Do try to be specific: Karim and Clerverton don’t appear to be particularly old, so if you’d rather not work with any men, you’ll save everyone time if you just come out and say it. Also, you haven’t filled out your profile description at all. It’s true that unsuitable partners won’t read it, but suitable partners certainly will. If you don’t provide any personal information other than your picture, guess what you can expect.... Anyhow, good luck.

April 21, 2019

C'est quoi ton niveau de français ? T'as de bonnes bases ou t'as encore tout à apprendre ? Moi je peux t'aider sans problème. En plus t'es suédoise. La Suède est un pays qui m’intéresse donc ça peut faire un sujet de discussion à la limite.

What's your level in french ? Have you got good base or do you need learn everything again ? Me I can help you without problem if you need someone for practicing your french. Moreover you are Swedish and i'm really interested in northern contries like Sweden.

I have only a problem to find conversation subjects 😂 but we can easily to find something to tell like about our respective country for instance.

April 21, 2019
Yes Eric! Do you speak the language?
April 21, 2019
yo how it going ! are u still looking for someone to practice your french ?
April 21, 2019
Yeah sure William, I know the base I just want to get more comfortable with speaking in french and to speak faster, find the words quicker etc. And sure I could teach you some swedish why not :)
April 21, 2019
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