Arcangela Pellegrino
Community Tutor

Describing people and things can be fun! We can use many words to say how this person or thing is, and these words are called adjectives. You can use many adjectives at a time to describe someone or something, when you use more than one adjective, these are placed in the following order:

- Opinion: This explains what you think of someone or something, not every person needs to agree with you.

- Size: This tells you how big or small someone or something is.

- Shape: This describes the shape of something.

- Color: This describes the color of something.

- Origin: This tells us where someone or something is from.

- Material: This tells us from what something is made of.

- Purpose: This tells us what something is udes for, these adjectives often end in ing.

Apr 21, 2019 5:57 PM