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Looking for Chinese Language Partner 我想要找一个中文老师

Hi, i'm Alex. 

I'm learning Chinese and looking for a native speaker with teaching experience to work with. 

I have experience of teaching English to adults and adolescents. 

Please contact me.

你好,我是 Alex。




Apr 21, 2019 6:34 PM
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你好,我是 Alex。

我在学习中文。我现在想找一个中文老师,中文应该是它的母语,还有我希望它有老师经历*“它” :(

我有英文老师经历。我教过大人和青少年。These sentences are not wrong per say, but compounding them into one sentence would streamline things.



Here's a preliminary revision.

大家好,我是Alex. 我想找一位中文老师,最好是有教学经验、责任心强的中文母语者。我自己曾经专业教英文,有成人和青少年的教学经验。如果您有兴趣,请和我联系。


technical stuff

Unit/ counters: "一个" is not wrong when you are counting human beings.  "一位" is used in a formal-ish setting, implying his/her position is respected. For example, [他是一位很有名望的医生。 He is a very well-known and well-respected doctor.] Traditionally, Chinese people respect 医生,老师/教师,科学家,工程师。 (an example when 一位 is not used: 一位流浪汉 a homeless person)

talking about one's preferences: In a formal hiring setting, it's common to see a bullet list like 岗位要求/招聘条件, and the preferences would be written in the boilerplate form like "有xxxx经验者优先"、“有xxx以上经验者为佳”。When you are not doing a formal/official hiring, it is important to be direct, but not coming off arrogant. "Chinese should be its mother-tongue, and I hope it better has some teaching experience" can sometimes sound a bit 不庄重。

Overall your paragraph is well-written, I'm sure you can find a great teacher soon! Good luck.

April 22, 2019

Hi Alex 

I would like to be your language exchange partner.

April 22, 2019