Sed Yasimov
Professional Teacher
Memorizing a song or a short story.

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When was the last time you memorized a song or a short story?

Many of us are against memorizing because we think it is a skill that is unnecessary nowadays.

I find it very very useful, and once you do it your brain automatically remembers the structure of a sentence without even thinking about it. 

Make sure you choose a topic or a song that you love listening to.

Apr 21, 2019 6:44 PM
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I like the first sentence on your post body.

Sometimes too much of memorizing of a particular piece of writing can become as repeating unmeaningful words; saying them without really focusing, understanding, and/or concentrating in them. I don't know what that called in English, but it is known as "basem" in Arabic.

April 21, 2019
Memorize songs is very helpful because you learn and enjoy at the same time.
April 21, 2019
I agree completely, becoming really familiar with some phrases helps foreign sentences come out more naturally. Songs and poetry are easier to remember because they rhyme. 
April 21, 2019