Hi. Who wants to learn english by skype or learn other languages this aproach? I dont mean tutors Please, tell about your experience. Is it  this method useful and where is better to look intorlacurors?
Apr 22, 2019 1:58 PM
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I agree
April 22, 2019
Hi Timur.:)
I use another application to my English experience. It is face to face learning experience and it is really useful. It has helped me have good English fluency:)
For my French experience, I use Italki and I have just booked 2 lessons so far. It seems useful but finding good teacher who can give instructions according to your level and character are very important!
Sometimes finding a good teacher for us can be hard. So for both English or French I read lots of teachers' profile views.
With struggle of you, motivation and spending time, generally lessons are beneficial:)
April 22, 2019