what is the most important thing that you should know when u're planning to travel?
Apr 22, 2019 3:01 PM
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How you want to travel, basically what kind of traveller are you? You can't start answering questions about what you should pack, where you should go and why, until you know what kind of traveller you are or want to be. I left some guiding questions below, I hope that they are helpful.

Are you going to be a slow traveller and stay in places for a long time, or spend a short period of time in each place. 

Do you want to wake up early a get a head start on your days? Or do you want to stay up late partying? 

Do you want to really push yourself out of your comfort zone? Or do you want to stay somewhere similar but slightly different to your home?

Are you a city person or a nature junkie? 

Do you like sports? Or would you prefer to spend your day relaxing?

Would you rather spend your time before bed reading or partying?

Would you rather travel solo, with one close friend or in a small group?

Would you like to fully plan your own trip, or would you rather go on a tour?

Would you rather plan your entire trip in advance, or plan it as you go along?

April 22, 2019
First and foremost, I merely check the itinerary. During the travel, I urge myself to respect the traffic regulation and try to comply with the right-of-way when I drive my car.
April 22, 2019