What things inspiring you? Lets talk about work or hobbies what can inspiring you and making happy.
Apr 22, 2019 8:51 PM
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*Let's talk about work or hobbies that can inspire you or make you happy. 

I am inspired by Journalism and documentarians :) 

April 22, 2019
I turn pens, which depending on the wood selected, can be very beautiful. It's amazing the varieties of woods in the world.      
April 22, 2019
Are there people who love waterfalls? I love them very much! They hypnotize me.
April 24, 2019
Shopping 😂
April 24, 2019
When people say how well I speak their language, with a big smile on their face, it inspires me to keep going. Maybe it's just their culture to say things like that but anyway I like making people smile.
April 23, 2019
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