which words you use when you want to express how happy you are
When you would to express how happy you are, you can use these expressions: 
- happy bunny
- fell that i am in the seventh heaven
- happy as a calm
- in the nine cloud
- happy like a. Kid with his new toy
- happy like a pig in the muck
Apr 23, 2019 7:54 AM
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I'm happy to hear people in Phillipines smile well. I really like to see people smile kindly. Actually, I didn't smile at strangers. Koreans usually don't do that. However, I was very impressed to see Thai smile at strangers, and it made me feel relaxed. Since that, I decided to be kind and smile at foreigners or strangers myself. Warm-hearted mind spreads through people's smile, doesn't it?
April 24, 2019

Like a kid in a  candy store. That's how I feel with so many languages available on italki.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Never heard the "flying colors" one, except in "to pass an exam with flying colors".

April 24, 2019
In the flying color


I learn this from my school English teacher ...i don't know if this usage is common or not😂

April 24, 2019

Jump for joy

Grin from ear to ear
April 23, 2019