A language Native Speaker as Language Teacher.

I am completely sure, that one to be part of language instructors must have studied. This is because teaching  a language is pretty complicated and required a lo of knowledge in order to make our students acquire the new language. Imagine that because I am Spanish native speaker I am prepared to teach my mother tongue  as a second Langauge.  Example, I travel to another country where people speak English as their native Language, so in that country i get a job to teach Spanish. Do you think I have the proper knowledge to instruct people?. 

Do you believe, that because one as a native speaker can teach a language without being trained firstly?

Apr 23, 2019 4:19 PM
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I think a native speaker to talk to is invaluable for learners, they can at least correct mistakes, make example sentences, and provide positive feedback even if they can't explain the grammar. Usually learners have access to textbooks or websites they can learn grammar from, so the two can go hand-in-hand.
April 23, 2019
It depends what you would like to teach people. If it is the pronunciation and reading for instance there will be no problems I think. But when it comes to grammar native speaker do not know the grammar. Native speakers often speak their language but they can not explain why the put the words together in that way. Obviously not all native speakers but I my experience showed me, that there are a lot of them. For instance I was in central and south America where I talked to the people and asked them about "el subjuntivo". Many of them did not know what I was talking about but obviously they speak proper Spanish without errors.

So as result, I think it is necessary to know the grammar and different times in the language to teach the "full" package.
April 23, 2019

Well, it depends. It depends on the age group you are teaching, the level you are focusing on or are you preparing them to nail any particular language exam.

It's different when you are teaching any language because most of the time teaching is dependent on the way you are handling doubts, the class activities you are making them to participate.

So my opinion, a non-native speaker can be a good language teacher and even a native speaker without any proper training can fail as a  teacher.     

April 23, 2019
I think you may try doing it, but sooner than later you will realize that you need to get a grammar book and start reviewing things for which you will have doubts. Moreover, if you wanted to structure a course, you will have to get acquainted with levels (beginners, to advanced) and what to teach at each level, for this you may use textbook series.
April 23, 2019
Yes! It is possible. You can teach basic conversational lessons in your language even if you don’t have an experience in teaching. 
April 23, 2019