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我记录了六十六秒,我试图读中文。 我想知道你们能不能了解。 有多难了解,有什么建议可以帮助我吗?





Apr 25, 2019 3:42 AM
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Hey Phil. 

I remember when I heard you record a passage last time. You've come on an awful lot! Well done! 

The only technical point I'd raise is that of your "C" and "Z". As mentioned above, your "C" in 草 sounds a bit like a "Z", and therefore it makes the first word sound like 早. 

My biggest comment would be you need to work on yours phrasing now. Your basic sounds and tones are all great, so now you need to start working on seeing the bigger picture. You need to work on the intonation of phrases while still keeping the tones of each word, you need to know which sounds to emphasise, and which not to, and where to speed up and slow down etc. Of course, you also need to get your pauses right. 

This is my attempt. It's far from perfect, but I think my phrasing is pretty clear. Perhaps give it a listen

Also, here is my attempt at explaining "C" vs "Z". ;



April 25, 2019

Eden worded right. It has vibration when you sound z in pinyin. It is like the Cantonese 二 . (意) same way。and 草 ciao c is sounded 抄,吃equally lightly . You always do the same help for me before. So I do anything for you back make you smile.

Yes. I stay in US and doing labor work. I have a baby and enjoying learning English and wandering italki. 

April 25, 2019
About  the  C  and  Z.You  could  try  to  touch  your  throat   when  you  pronounce  the  two  letters.
You  can  feel  your  throat  vibrating  when  you  pronounce  Z  but  you  can't  feel  that  way  when  you  do  C.
April 25, 2019
You're  welcome  Phil.
I'm  glad  that  you   like  Chinese.
Learning  a  new  language  is  just  like  a  wonderful  journey.It  doesn't  matter  if   we  could  arrive  at  the  destination  but   we've been  sightseeing  the  beautiful  scenery.
I'm  learning  English  and  trying  to  take  it  up  a  notch,  but  i'm  not  afraid  of  making  mistakes  when  i'm  talking  with  people.
The  thing  is  i  love  it.It  makes  me   feel   satisfied   with  myself  that  i've  never  had  this feeling  before.

April 25, 2019

Wow Phil. You have really come on a lot. Well done for getting this far.

Laurence gave a good demonstration of the c and z.

April 26, 2019
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