I wonder if you could help me !

Hi everyone, 

Last time, I posted a discussion about how to help children learn English because my friends and I started an English club in my village. There was not any foreign language center near here so it was difficult for them to learn speaking English. My friends and I wanted to make an English speaking environment for the children there. We don't want to see our childhood copies who were bad at English.

We instruct the children in the evening every Saturday and Sunday ( Vietnam time zone )

If you don't mind and if you are willing to help, could you have a short conversation with them in your free time ?

Please comment your Skype ID or Line ID if you are interested in.

I appreciate any help from all of you !

Thank you for your attention !

Apr 25, 2019 1:49 PM
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I am interested, but I have never worked with children before. Is that okay?

My Skype ID is irene.colthurst

April 25, 2019
Irene, thank you so much!
April 26, 2019