Why is it so incorrectly to confuse culture and mentality ?

I just love those who cant understand a different between culture and mentality . When Natalia Oreiro comes in Russia and declares that Russia is a amazing country, i want to ask: Seriosly?) And when did you have time to realize it?). You realized it in a fashionable hotel, accompanied by buisness man who taught you eat borsch, I suppose. It is so nice....

But what about facts, that a lot of russian  villages have no gas pipelines and sewerage ? What about the fact that the most people in Russia get 300 euro per month? Is it cool, really?
Never  mix the culture and system. Probably you like Brazil for their samba , football and coffe, but you forgot that Brazil is one of many criminal countries where crimе rate so high , that people still keep bearing  arms when they walk down the street.
Iceland, UK, Switzerland , Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Belgium - here is amazing countries. They  do not lure foreigners with vodka or carnival, they lure them with a high standard of living, salaries, pensions, well-groomed cities and villages.Anothers just can not to offer nothing besides food and dancing.

Apr 25, 2019 3:14 PM
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"Iceland, UK, Switzerland , Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Belgium - here is amazing countries. "

Timur, have you been to any of these amazing countries. I hope you got impressed by their natural ambiance. 

"They  do not lure foreigners with vodka or carnival, they lure them with a high standard of living, salaries, pensions, well-groomed cities and villages. Another just can not to offer nothing besides food and dancing"

I don't really understand when people say a "high standard living"! You mean like a king or queen in a palace with all luxury? There are people who have everything yet, they are in the search for happiness and often ask the question "what does life mean?" In the other hand, those who can't offer anything except food and dancing have little to complain and are quite content with what they have. 

April 25, 2019
It's possible for a <em>culture </em>to be amazing and interesting, and for a <em>society </em>to have social and political problems.

For instance, you can like <em>Friends</em> <em>and </em>think that the US has a messed up health system. <em>

</em>And you can do this for every culture vs. the society it exists in.

April 25, 2019
Interesting perspective. There was a video by two Russians that I watched, where they expressed similar puzzlement when they hear about people from the West who want to settle in Russian villages. They talk about how many Russians dream of leaving, and attaining a higher living standard.

I felt the same way when I heard tourists rave about my home country. Sure, it's amazing when you get to be waited on hand and foot by poor locals simpering and sucking up to anyone who looks European and relatively rich. Yeah, when you spend your time in an enclosed environment frequented mainly by other well-dressed and pampered European tourists, and your time is divided between the spa, the private beach, and gourmet restaurants, yes, Mauritius is amazing. If you're a local living in the typical run-down, polluted city, with rudeness and harassment at every corner, long lines to get anything done, heavy traffic, lack of city planning, ugliness everywhere, poor standards in food and construction, then no, it's not so amazing.

Sometimes, I think the focus on the "culture" and "vibrancy" by wealthy tourists is just a condescending/patronizing way of not criticizing the obvious problems of poorer countries.

That said, Russia has produced some incredible writers, musicians, and very creative people. I don't know whether this can be attributed to the living conditions or the history, but if we were to take a more sympathetic view of the gushing admiration of some visitors, maybe they saw something transcendental, something that goes beyond the material living conditions. Maybe. It depends on the traveler.
April 25, 2019

Some people can afford to choose to live in underprivileged conditions, because they know they can always go back to their privileged lifestyles. A person who has a house with running hot water and a comfortable bed can easily choose to go camping for a few days and return to the comfort of their home. But most people who live in such conditions would do anything to get out of their camps/slums and never look back.

If we, as a species, did not value comfort, we would not have moved away from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and settled into cities.

Nostalgia makes people want to re-experience things, but only temporarily. We want to reconnect with nature, but we don’t actually want to go back to living in it. Perhaps there are some people who really want to give up all their comforts, but for most people, it’s just a camping trip or a semester abroad.

April 25, 2019

Just an example. ..In midnight you wake up because of loud police cars, or people are screaming. All these people are migrants. They are angry and want to fight with injustice. They wait documents for years, and get deportation anyway. They are not going to wait anymore. You don't know what building they burn today.. In the morning you bring your kid in kindergarten. Teachers don't call your boy He..anymore. They call IT. Because it...will decide when grow..is it he..or she...or both..or animal or something else. You don't go to center of the city, because today there is a gay parade. It's okey, just you don't want your kid see it..You go to metro..there is a migrant. You prefer go out...who knows what is in his head.. Also there is no even any natural food. You have to ask your Russian friends to bring you some medicine and food, when they come to you next time..

Would you guess country?
April 25, 2019
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