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Calling all TEFL qualified teachers. I am looking for a supervisor/mentor

Hi, everyone!.

After 8 years as a community tutor, I have finally enrolled on a 120 TEFL course to gain some qualifications and broaden the range of students I can help.

One hitch, due to my life circumstances, I am doing all my training on-line and there is no face to face support or classroom observations.Therefore, I am looking for an experienced qualified TEFL tutor to act as my supervisor and mentor. Someone who I can go to for advice from time to time, maybe try a class out on, demonstrate how a grammar point works, maybe even watch you at work etc. I would be willing to pay for your time and book through italki of course. 

I do have a few requirements that I am looking for in a supervisor. I am looking for a native English speaker, they must hold formal TEFL qualifications, have experience with teaching young learners and have over 5 years experience both in classrooms and online. I would also like you to  have experience in teaching for exams such as the IELTS and Cambridge. Lastly I live in the UK so living in roughly the same sort of time zone would be advantageous.  I would most likely be looking to meet in the evenings. Oh also an understanding of dyslexia would be very helpful as I myself am dyslexic. An actual school English language teacher would be really great as you will need to pick at my English in the process Yes, I'm ready for that too!

If there is anybody who would be interested in helping me as I go through this journey, please let me know below! 

Apr 25, 2019 9:19 PM