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Russian Science YouTube channels to practice Russian :)

Can you recommend some Russian youtube channel that explain scientific concepts (physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy etc.)? I'd like to practice listening and I'm interested in this topics but it's hard to find it on YouTube since I can't write well in Russian.

I'd appreciate your recommendations :D

Apr 26, 2019 2:36 AM
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I watch sometimes these channels:

Роскосмос ТВ - official channel of Russian Space Agency.

ПостНаука - some interesting lectures, but usually without exciting video content, only speakers.

Антропогенез РУ - news of anthropology.

April 26, 2019
Thank you Everybody! 🙌🏼 Now I have a lot of content to listen to in Russian 🤓🙏🏻
April 26, 2019

You don't have to write well, just translate one word and search it.

For instance, I found the main university on youtube:

<a href=""></a>;

April 26, 2019
Khan Academy Russian
April 26, 2019