Sed Yasimov
Professional Teacher
Eliminate distractions - TIP OF THE DAY 4

What`s up! Sed, here!

Ask yourself these questions :

When was the last time you spoke to someone, did your job, watched a movie or had a meal without looking at your phone? If you did, for how long did it last? If we do not check the phone and scroll down to see what`s new, we quickly get bored and link that feeling to the task in front of us. After that, we say "studying is hard, boring, makes me sleepy, I don`t understand anything"!

That`s because we are all overstimulated and can`t keep our focus for longer than 10-15 minutes. We want to be entertained 24/7, 365. 

All of us are overstimulated and addicted to distractions and that affects our quality of learning a new language and managing our life in general.

- But what to do? 

Set a specific duration of time that you can use your phone, for example, 19 to 20 pm every evening. Not every 5 minutes!

Do things without interruption for a long period of time, a minimum of 3 hours at the time. Yes, you will feel bored, but that's ok, don`t be a crybaby!

 The point of it all is to get back to your natural present state, without having to think about 50 other things at the same time.

                That will increase your learning skills dramatically!

If you can`t, then :

Change your phone language settings to your target language. Read, watch, listen only in that language.

At least you will be stimulated in a little bit more useful way.

If you like the topic, please add some of your thoughts too.

Till next time, fellas!




Apr 26, 2019 4:07 AM