Alexandra Alvarado
How to study to pass the TOEFL, speaking section? Hello guys, 
If you have some tips for the speaking section and have time to she with my your experience via Skype please, contact me!! 
That's will be great for me practice with someone and get some feedback!! 
I'm able to exchange help with Spanish!! :) 

Apr 26, 2019 5:53 AM
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* Remember that this is a formal exam not a friendly conversation, so do not attempt to ask questions of your examiner - instead listen carefully, follow instructions and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

* Know the meaning of the question: "What shall I call you?" ... This is a different question than "What is your name?" ... For example a person whose name is Daniel may prefer people to use the nickname "Dan". Or a non western person may have a different western name.

* Be prepared to speak about where you live and where you work or study. Try and think of ways you can use interesting grammar and vocabulary. 

* Do not allow there to be a long silence during your speaking test, but give yourself time to think. Use phrases such as "That’s an interesting question!" while you are thinking about your answer.

* Prepare a list of vocabulary for the topics below that you can use in the exam. Do some research on the internet and in your course books. Make a list of other topics that may come up, and prepare a vocabulary list for each topic.

Typical topics include:

- Food
- Leisure activities
- Shopping 
- Your routine
- Pets
- Travel
- Hobbies
- Reading
- Birthdays and other celebrations
- Sport
- Childhood
- Memories
April 26, 2019