Do you think the letter L needs to change its lowercase?

I    l   

One of them is capital i and another one is small L

Now, guess  which one is what?:D

Do you have any alphabet in your language(I mean in your script) that often mimics other letters? What should a beginner do to distinguish them without getting confused? 

Wish you all have a great day! And don't get confused....:)

Apr 26, 2019 12:52 PM
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My little students always confuse b d p q in the beginning. And actually before I started teaching English I didn't see it myself! I mean it's so obvious for me that these letters are different that I forgot similar they are^^

There is another thing my students kind of "taught" me. As a native Russian speaker, I see our alphabet as a set of letters (it's logical, isn't it?). But another day my students asked me "Why do Russians use numbers instead of letters sometimes?". And it just striked me how right they were...we have Ч (which is "ch" but not 4), б (which is "b" but not 6), З (it's "z" - not 3). I don't think we need to change anything here - let's stay confusing!....and confused as well haha:)

April 26, 2019
l Iike Iiquids a IittIe, Iike Iemonade, Iots more than Iovely Iotus fIowers.

Every  "L" is written using an uppercase "i"
Every "i" is written using a lowercase "L"

Because I use Grammarly, every word with a lower case "l (elle)" and every word with an uppercase "i (eye)" has been underlined, indicating a spelling mistake...
and yet we can't see the spelling mistake, so how does Grammarly know the difference?

We need to form a committee to investigate this crucial matter further (or not :).

April 26, 2019
I liked @Annette’ s comment.
April 26, 2019

In Arabic, the middle form of the letter seen (س) is a straight horizontal line in handwritten form.

This is what it actually looks like: ـسـ

This is what it looks like in handwritten form: ___

Given that Arabic uses horizontal lines to connect the letters together, good luck figuring out where this letter is. The only way you can know it’s there is that the straight line is longer when it’s the letter seen and not just a connector line. It’s very easy to miss.

April 26, 2019
The two letters are living peacefully in the Alphabet Land. Why are you trying to make them fight?! Go inside the cave and mind your own business! :D 
April 26, 2019
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