Hello everyone, I am looking for an English partner to practice English speaking and writing for toefl exam.
Apr 26, 2019 5:41 PM
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Hi, My name is Priscilla. I am a native English speaker and teacher. When are you planning on taking the exam? 
April 26, 2019
We can exchange our languages 
You are welcome I can help you so much in English
If you are interested send me a message or add request 
April 26, 2019
Hello,i am Brian and i am also trying to be fluent in English,maybe we learn together,feel free to add me

April 26, 2019
i'd love to be your language partner :)
April 26, 2019
Hello! I am an English learner too. We could help each other, if you like. At least, from time to time, for it is difficult to find a partner here, unfortunately. I am preparing for my CPE exam. Elena
April 26, 2019
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