How to find a language partner I see many people on italki who are looking for a language exchange partner, or for help learning a language (particularly English). I am wondering how other people decide who to respond to? For me, I like to be able to know something about the person before even sending a message, so I look at their profile to try to get a sense of them. I also like to know where they are located, as that is important in setting up meetings, but mostly, I want to know a bit about who they are. For those who have not written anything in their profiles, maybe this is why you are having a hard time finding help? Or - maybe I am one of the few that finds this important, and I am crazy? :-D What do y'all think?
Apr 26, 2019 7:45 PM
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Once or twice a year, I'm open to having language partners. I receive quite a few messages asking for English practice, and while technically I'm open to having a conversation with almost anyone, I'm much more likely to pay attention to a message that shows the person has looked at my profile or simply has a few interesting questions to start the conversation. For example, one Ukrainian woman commented on something I said in Russian in a video, another guy asked me if I was a fan of classics because I mention a classic work in my profile. I'm more likely to reply to these people because they took time to read, and to ask them questions about themselves.

Sometimes I may reply to someone who doesn't send as detailed a message, but because I get many "Hey, let's practice English" or "Hi, are you looking for help with Russian?", during a busy day, I might just forget to reply, and a few days later, it seems a little late.

So, yeah, I care about the profile. I don't see how language exchange can work if you don't know something about the person you're speaking to and have some common interest or there's something you like about them.
April 27, 2019
Not that important at first..
I get to know them through the learning or teaching process. 😆😃
April 27, 2019
Totally right,but to the point of display pic,I don't like to use my photos,because it is not safe at all😂.used to feel being bothered by strangers who doesn't seem wanna make friends but looking for wife(very scary 😱
May 5, 2019
@Guyomar - I totally agree. I am not sure if the demand for help with English is higher than other languages, (although I suspect that it might be), so it's very hard to respond to all the requests without a compelling reason to do so. While I want to be helpful and enjoy meeting new people, in no way could I ever have time to respond to, let alone have a language exchange, with everyone who asks me. An interesting message, or a profile with more information, can set someone apart and be the reason that I will respond. 
April 27, 2019
Try a few language partners, and stick with the ones that you are most comfortable with and from whom you get the most enjoyment and language learning value.  One cannot make an accurate assessment from a picture and written profile alone.  A brief personal engagement would often tell you much more about a person, than by simply browsing their online profile.
April 27, 2019
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