2 languages in the same time

Hello everyone,

I'm here because i wanna learn english , i'm a beginner in english , i love this lamguage so much , i love english movies , so i wamna be fluenct in it 

But these days i feel i wanna learn dutch , although i don't know anything about it , but anyone can tell me if i start learn dutch will affect on english although i'm still beginner , learning 2 languages in the same time is good or bad thing ? And if good from where i should start in dutch , if it's bad  it's okay 

Any device please ? 

Correct me if  i have any mistake in my sentences, thanks . 

Apr 27, 2019 3:31 AM
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Good luck.
April 27, 2019
I don't belive it's bad. When i was kids i learned two language with the same time javanese and indonesian. I just practiced with around people and i got it. Both of them There's some similarity in the sentence structure. That's it doesn't really hard to me
April 28, 2019
Learning English and Dutch at the same time can be difficult but at least these two languages are related to a certain extent. There are many dutch sentences and words you can figure out what they mean if you know English because they sound similar. 
I wish you luck I believe it's not impossible. 
PS: don't use so many abbreviations and slangs because it won't help you learn English and you will remember it the wrong way also it can be annoying to native speakers , eg wanna .. want to ... Gonna.. going to .
It will help you learn if you don't use these forms until you are more fluent. 
April 27, 2019