Sed Yasimov
Professional Teacher
Spanish - English / English - Spanish Exchange!

Hi there, I am looking for  Spanish speaking friends that I can practice with.

My plan is practicing at least half n hour, every day, so the more people I can reach the better.

It will be half n hour in Spanish and half n hour English.

I am a very easygoing person and an extrovert.

I enjoy teaching so I`m happy to help!

Apr 27, 2019 3:58 AM
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Let's go !
April 30, 2019
Hello, I'm a linguist. I desire to be a great polyglot. 
I'm a good English and French speaker. I'd love to be fluent in Spanish too. 
I've begun some Spanish lessons already. I drew a plan (a kind of scheme) to follow. One that would help me in learning Spanish and any other language I'll desire to learn in the future. 

I'd be honored to be a part of this. 
April 29, 2019

I can help you!!



April 29, 2019
Hi, im interested to practice english with you, and I can help you with your spanish
April 27, 2019
April 27, 2019