What is the best and most brilliant film in the world?

Of course my opinion is subjective, but I think that the film Forrest Gump.
Explain why. Let's start with the fact that in this picture 6 lines are displayed at once. 5 dramatic and one cognitive-research . Forrest's relationship with his mother, the world, his beloved Janie and Lieutenant Dan stretches the viewer through the entire era of the US 60s-80s. There is no more obvious way to explore the US of that time than to watch this movie. In it you will find everything. And ordinary American life, and the theme of political relations, and the sports sphere of the state, and the army, and business ideas, and philosophical bias, when Forrest at the end of the film runs across the country. The film also shows the social problems of Americans. Father Jenny - a typical redneck of America, the equivalent of our cattle. Janie herself hangs out with some musicians-addicts - here is displayed the problem of drug addiction in the creative world. 
A very graphic scene when one of the fighters "Black Panthers" sets out the position of the then popular party Forrest, and one of the other members of the organization has to face Jenny and Forrest for the first time in my life broken and beaten man. Excellent and brilliant scene, as in one scene , personal relationships are on the background of the socio-political component. At the same time, everything is shown very naturally, you do not ask yourself the question: "why all this?"The actors play very professionally, it seems to you that this is the real life of people. In addition, the story itself is very original. Forrest Gump sits at the bus stop and tells his story to bystanders. 
Also very good dramatic basis. The death of Forrest's friend Bubba , the humility of Lieutenant Dan, and how he forgave Gump for saving his life against his will, condemning him to the unenviable fate of an invalid. And of course, the late return of Janie and her death. As a reward, Forrest gets smart son from the woman and as the last trait in the picture - the son of Forrest catches the school bus at the same stop, which left Sam Gump.
In General, this film I think is outstanding and unparalleled in world history. Even if you leave there only personal relationships, the film will be good, and its moral, historical, political and philosophical biases make the movie "Forrest Gump" just a masterpiece. This quality can not boast of other films, no matter how good they are and only in the Gump you can watch drama and Comedy at the same time. Jokes go in one time with the tragedies, while not spoiling the film. 
Vietnam war, persecution of blacks, the assassination of presidents, it's all very original and produce a picture of total clichéd mass.It can be seen that the Director Robert Zemeckis and here tried his best, replacing the boring all Boxing ping-pong, and drug business, shrimp. 
In short, if someone has not watched the film, then watch it necessarily.
Apr 27, 2019 9:07 AM
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