Hello ITALKI world!Who can explain me mixed conditional advanced grammarwith simple and understandable way !? Hello ITALKI world! How do u do
Who can explain to me mixed conditional (c1 advanced grammar)with simple and understandable way thanks beforehand ✌
Apr 27, 2019 11:06 AM
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Hi Kadisha,

First, please understand that "explain me" means "объяснять меня"(!). You need to write, "explain to me": объяснить мне.

I guess that you already understand how each conditional form works. Now, remember that each conditional form has two parts, and that's basically how we can mix the conditionals.

"If you had helped me..." (3rd conditional, unreal past = you didn't help me)
"...I would understand this now" (2nd conditional, unreal present = I don't understand this)
April 27, 2019

Hi there, 

Actually mixed conditional is the easiest, you don't have to worry about rules- you can use 2nd and 3rd conditional together.

It can be past-present, past-future, present-past, present-future, etc. It simply means you can use your permutation skills and make a pair among present, past and future. 

PS- You are talking about mixed conditional so I have assumed you have a good grasp over other conditionals.    

April 27, 2019


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April 27, 2019