Here's a question for native English speakers who are learning a foreign language

This is for English native speakers who are learning a foreign language(s).

I'd interested in learning what native English speakers think is one of the unique aspects of their native tongue?

Are there any expressions or words you can use in English but unable to do so in your target language(s)? Or vice versa? 

For example, would you be frustrated when you cannot express exactly although you know what to say, simply because the language you are studying lacks the corresponding expression? 

Apr 27, 2019 11:28 AM
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I'm still very new to my target language, so I'm still unsure what I might be missing, but there is some fun combining the languages, to make wordplay that would never exist without my mother and target language interacting.

Pan Cakes a jeho palačinky

English Translation:
Mr. Cakes and his pancakes

This is just genius. (also is the name of a place to get pancakes so I hear.)
April 27, 2019