Mari H
Setting up a language study plan
Self-study can be difficult and that is why learning with others online or face-to-face can be much more fun and more productive. However, we also do need to study on our own.

I would like to know from other fellow learners if you have any study plan that you set up and would like to share your success stories? I don't want to set up a study plan that is not feasible and end up dropping out but rather something motivating and doable.

Any advice on how you do or what worked/what did not work etc...? Thanks!
Apr 27, 2019 1:20 PM
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Hi Mari,
I absolutely agree. Teachers are only a little guide during the long process of learning.
In my personal experience, while learning French and English, reading helped me a lot. At the beginning it's difficult to face a novel in a foreign language but with some work it's an enjoyable way of learning.
Un saludo
April 27, 2019
For me, buying a bunch of books and spending hours learning vocabulary is not nearly as productive as logging in here, finding somebody who speaks the language I want to learn (Latin American Spanish, in my case) and talking with them face to face. Once I got away from making it an academic thing and started to actually USE the language, my progress became much more tangible and rapid. It’s important to know grammar, sentence structure and the other building blocks of the language but if you don’t spend the time learning the language as it’s actually spoken (with all of its grammatical inconsistencies, etc.) then what’s the point? 
April 27, 2019