Another essay. What is the future?

Technology forms an essential part of our life as all we know. We can see it every single day, not only in electronic stuff like either phones, Tv's or smart cars but in how companies like Instagram, Amazon, Google, Netflix for just names some ones are improving the interaction we us and being quite accurate about what we need/want to search. Yet I asked me how do they do that? How do they know what I want so quickly? This took me to explore in the internet and I stumbled with things like Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and more. At the first time I just took a glance at them and I thought that it was not for me for the fact that they carry many program languages from different purposes which it would take me a lot of time without know if it will be worthy. 

Even when those careers have been being investigated and improved for more or less a decade, nowadays it's not easy to find where to make a course, of course there are a bunch of courses online but they are usually shorts and I have my doubts if it will be recommendable making a short course with some many things to study about this topics. 

After I finished the college I was feeling confident in my abilities and what I knew from college but living abroad I have a different mind about it because I was being prepared to be a worker of the industries of my city. Now living abroad the necessities are differents I must to reinvent me or to take some new tools so as to being more employable. There are a whole world beyond our houses, cities and countries, then never stop learning or thinking that you know enough so that you are going to be always moving forward with the real world.

I am still looking into my possibilities and what should be better for me. I hope to discover it as soon as possible. Maybe I should be more alignment with computer networks than informatics stuff. I should choose something related to IOT and domotic that involve electronics and informatics fields in order to can be working in both fields that I like. 

Tell me what you think below.  

Apr 27, 2019 3:00 PM
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