laura c
Traveling! Do you like to travel?

My favorite traveling channel on youtube is "YesTheory". Ever heard of it?

Message me & let me know some of your favorite brands or youtubers you like

Apr 27, 2019 3:19 PM
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The only travel channel I'm familiar with is Damon & Jo (discovered them because of a recommendation on a booktube channel). I haven't seen many of their videos but they can be quite funny. 
April 27, 2019

Oh yes, I have heard of yes theory. I love watching vlogs they give me the inspiration to travel. Nowadays I am watching Kara and Nate travel vlogs. Beside travel vlogs, I watch cooking channels like food wishes, Nigella Lawson, Bon Appetite. I also like watching comedy sketches by Ricky Gervais and Conan o Brien.

Beside Yes theory what are your favorite Youtube channels?

April 27, 2019
My favorite Traveling channel on YouTube is “I Roam alone” this youtuber is a lady that travel everywhere alone by herself. I think her life very interesting and give inspiration. 
April 27, 2019