Sed Yasimov
Professional Teacher
How to get comfortable speaking in public? - TIP OF THE DAY 7

What`s up! Sed here!

How to get more comfortable speaking in public?  - by practicing! Or How to get comfortable being uncomfortable in front of many people.

What to do?! :

Exercise 1. Go to your local coffee shop and ask them for a 50% discount for your beverage. And that`s where the interesting part starts, you will get answers like Why, Are you crazy, or simply you will get a NO! And that`s our goal! The goal is to ask, not to get the discount!

Exercise 2. Go out and simply compliment random people. You don`t even need to stop them. If you don`t know what to say, simply compliment them on their clothing. For example - Nice Jacket! , Where did you get these shoes from? They are so cool! I love the color.

Exercise 3. Go to a public area, put your headphones, put on your favorite song and start singing. You don`t need to shout! You can do it quietly too! If you can't do that you can at least "dance". Move your body at least. Notice how people will look at you! You will feel super uncomfortable at first, but that`s the GOAL!

The more you practice these types of exercises the better you will become. You will notice your mind, your body reacting so much at first. But after 5,6,7 attempts you will get used to and the feeling of being scared, uncomfortable will eventually disappear. You will be so much more confident and expressive than before.

Add more exercises if you know some.

Kind of regards, Sed!

Apr 27, 2019 7:58 PM