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the process of learning English People often tell me what the right process of learning English is Listening speaking reading and writing .
Is it right ?
Apr 28, 2019 8:33 AM
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Hello, Megan.
Nice to meet you...
Online, I've taught English to over 10,000+ students and I have tutored and influenced over 5000+ students. So, in answering your question, this is my view based on how I learned to speak, read and write English, and on the basis of education and experience in teaching English online and in the brick and mortar settings. The answer you gave is not exactly correct, but it isn't ideally wrong either.

Hence, people learn to speak, read and write in many ways. Learning English can be tricky because what may be right for one person may not be the right way for another; nevertheless, in the end they have both learned to speak English in their own way. Now, how I was taught English as a native was that I spoke and listened first; and I understood what others were saying. Then, my loved ones and teachers taught me vocabulary, how to spell, read and write next. Is this the correct way? It could be, but not necessarily, however, it was the way English was taught to me. So, guess what, this is how I teach beginners because I know from experience it works.

Consequently, there are other cultures who see it differently. Their students learn grammar, to read and write first before they they learn to speak. In this society they double back and learn how to speak later on. Is this the best way; I don't think so, but it works for them.

So, there are various way to learn and master English! But, I think the best way is to simultaneously speak, read, comprehend, listen and write the language all at the same time... This is how I learned as a youngster. This method or modus operandi is less stressful, in my opinion.
April 28, 2019
Yes ofcourse I am practicing more lintening and speaking too. : )
April 28, 2019