please help me They’d never been close in any of the normal ways. He was the man who’d saved her life, a glow
in the night of her bitter despair. Because of that, her feelings for him had never been rational. When
she thought of him, she saw his face at the quarry, the steadiness and goodwill. Her faith in him only
grew when she became a cop. He was bold and smart, cared about victims and their families. Yet,
even when she was a cop herself, he’d maintained an aloofness
. A smile here. A word there. The
gestures were small and in passing, but she could not deny the feelings they’d stirred or the dangerous
question such feelings raised.

Apr 28, 2019 8:39 AM
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"A smile here. A word there. The gestures were small and passing, "

This is describing how he interacted with her when they saw each other. He wasn't being very friendly or affectionate. They weren't laughing together or having long conversations. All he would give her is "a smile" at some moment during the day, perhaps "a word" at some other moment during the day. He was acting aloof. The tension in the story arises because all the readers know that he shouldn't be acting this way. When the author says "the gestures were small" he means that they were the type of thing you would do towards a stranger. For example, if you are in a busy office and you hold the door open for someone you don't know, you may give them a little smile. This is a small gesture. It is also a "passing" gesture because it's over very quickly, like when you pass a lovely tree when you're driving in a car.

"...but she could not deny the feelings they'd stirred or the dangerous question such feelings raised"

Even though his gestures where small, they still gave her a little thrill inside. To stir your feelings is like stirring soup, all kinds of things float up to the surface. In this case "questions" were "raised" up in her mind. Probably questions like "does he love me?" or "do I love him?". She considers these questions to be dangerous.

April 28, 2019

So yet again the woman in this story is trying to understand how she feels about this man. I'll assume this is Elizabeth and Adrian from the book Redemption Road.

These two people obviously like and admire each other but they can't seem to figure out what they mean to each other. The people reading the book probably want them to be a couple and get married and live happily ever after, but that's not a very exciting story so the author keeps everyone in suspense by keeping them apart (until the very end of the book I suppose).

"Yet even when she was a cop herself, he'd maintained an aloofness"

To act "aloof" means to not be friendly. It means to be a little cold and distant to the people around you. It means you have the opinion that you are better then other people. Perhaps this feeling would be understandable if he was a cop and she wasn't, but she is saying that he maintained this attitude of aloofness even when they were both cops. What a jerk!

April 28, 2019
How about this...

Yet, even when she was a cop, herself, he would maintain an aloofness; a smile here and a word there. His gestures were small and in passing. However, she could not deny the feelings he stirred or the dangerous questions and the feelings his presence raised when he was nearby.


April 28, 2019