Why babies don't cry in Africa?

Sounds interesting, isn't it? When I came across this sentence(babies don't cry in Africa) in an article, I was like wait..what? Then after reading the reason behind why they don't, I was totally convinced. They are mostly well wrapped in a cloth and clinged behind their mom's or dad's back. So they find it way more relaxing and warmer than being left in the stroller. 

Do you think babies look for attention and touch instead of which they feel insecure and get scared? And in the end, they speak in the language they are all fluent in, crying..:)

Wish you all have a great day! 

Apr 28, 2019 9:38 AM
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A while ago, I went shopping in a store.  As I was looking at some clothes, I noticed this little baby clinging to her grandma's scarf. I looked at her and gave her a little smile. She seemed to like it so much that whenever I turned my face away from her, she would make angry noises. She wanted me to look at her and smile over and over. In my experience, babies need attention to the extent that sometimes you need to hide yourself from them. hehe

Let me first travel to Africa to see some of those ''gentle'' babies. Then, I'll come and give you my opinion about them. :D Maybe I'll take a selfie with them as well. ;) 

April 28, 2019
Well, considering that before coming into the world they lived in kind of a secured, warm and cozy place, I don't think  they look for attention but something secured, warm and cozy. Apparently, a stroller is not that warm and cozy. Nobody wants to be abandoned. I can't get it why parents, especially young ones, shake their babies to make them silent. The babies never get silent, they start crying even more. Would adults feel comfortable if they are being shaken the same way they do to their babies? I'm pretty sure they would get concussion of the brain. So, the African babies are lucky in a way.
April 28, 2019
Was the quoted sentence metaphorically used or otherwise? I’m just being curious here. Thanks in advance. 
April 28, 2019

Thank you all for your comments. Great to know about your views!:)

@Nada, Aha, yes when it comes to learning, Africa and Africans can teach us some great way to deal with many daily chores:)

@Gideon, after I went throw some articles, I think it's not a metaphorical phrase. Though they are not pin drop silent but cry less compared to the European or American babies:D 

<a href=""></a>;

<a href=""></a>;

@Vera, thanks for sharing your views and you have observed it quite well. I too have no idea why parents do that, maybe we should ask them the reason!:D

@John G., well. I have never been to Africa, nor do I have many evidence to back it up, however, some of the reasons I read in the articles sounds convincing to me. 

@Anne, aha, you said have a contagious smile:D BTW,  we will be waiting for your opinion once you back from Africa and, don't forget to share the selfie:)

April 29, 2019
It may sound nice but I really have to wonder about such a statement given that Africa is a large continent with diverse cultures and living conditions, so it's hard to believe something like this is universal among all these cultures and conditions.  It sounds like a "feel good" story with little to back it up. 
April 28, 2019
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