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Is beauty contest popular in your country? How is it going with the beauty contest in your country? It should be abolished or continued? What do most people there think of it?

Some people, mainly women groups that insist that beauty contests are merchandising of women, are campaigning for the abolition of beauty pageants. Others support it : In the era of diversity, is it possible to abolish beauty contests with feminist excuses? The pursuing beauty is the instinct of humans, and all women are trying to get more beautiful. Beauty can be a kind of merit that a person has.

What do you think of?
Apr 28, 2019 10:01 AM
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Beauty contests are in a state of flux currently. The people who run them, wish to continue running them as I assume they are money-making enterprises still and yet, at the same time, are trying to downplay the beauty aspect of it.  This why the Miss America contest no longer has a swimsuit segment. If one wants to pretend that its about brains and talent, then why not just submit their college entrance scores and be done with it" I know, many colleges no longer have entrance exams, but you get the point.  

There is a movement in this country to promote all body types as positive as there are a lot more obese people in this country than slim ones and so this, I guess, allows people to feel better about themselves. The "healthy fat" movement is a product of such thinking.

If people want to believe this about themselves, then by all means do so, but it seems that medical science would suggest otherwise.

America spends a staggering amount on health care and many, certainly not all, ailments are self-inflicted. While I do not advocate extreme measures to achieve "an ideal body" starving oneself, crazy surgeries, plastic or otherwise, working out and eating right should be applauded as these habits usually contribute to greater quantity and quality of life.

In the end, it seems that much of the criticisms of beauty contests have at least some basis in jealousy.  If you don't like them, then don't watch them, but don't judge others for what they do.

That is my opinion, you are entitled to yours.   

April 28, 2019
I agree that beauty is a blessing.
Even some people say that it's one of abilities like smart brain, motor ability or some artistic competence. We need to be careful to say because still lots of people might feel antagonism against that appearance can be ability. I'm not sure if it's true or not.

However, beauty contests look silly. They have similar hair style, thick make up, similar attitude and dresses. Moreover, the most important criterion is physical appearance, not Individuality. Who can judge who is the most beautiful woman or second, third in the contest? 

April 28, 2019
I'm not saying they have a healthy lifestyle. I meant that if someone else liked to be in that shape, it wouldn't cause as much problem as wanting to look like some very skinny or (even anorexic) models.
Now I googled some pics, and I admit that some contests feature the latter types as well. 
I don't know the details of their diets. To me, it looks that if someone exercised and paid attention to their eating habits, they would a result pretty close to this. Sadly, I don't know how much time and dedication is needed for this.

I meant that I have more "wow"-feeling anywhere else. With beauty contests, it just an "ok..." like it's not a huge effect.
Maybe it's because of the stage and the styles, it feels they're artificial, I don't know:D

At the end of my previous comment, I meant that beauty can be a merit, if it means some kind of work, having a healthy lifestyle/not neglecting your body. Opposed to having a good make-up or using controversial drugs.
April 28, 2019
Questioning one's beauty is questioning over God's decision. 
April 28, 2019
Well, I don't really understand why is beauty contest even a thing, but in my opinion, it doesn't harm anybody. Like it won't distort one's body image, unlike some skinny models do, as the women in these contests usually have normal and healthy proportions, at least that's how I see it.
But the weird thing is, every time I look at the contestants, I always think that "huh I see random people on the streets looking better or more interesting/unique". Maybe, in the contest, the relative beauty of each participant is lower :D And they might have some guidelines for their appearance,that's why they seem so similar.
Beauty can be a sort of merit if you do something for it, but I usually connect this with having a healthy lifestyle in general.

April 28, 2019
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