In your opinion How can we overcome the cultural stereotypes?
Apr 28, 2019 12:21 PM
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What about images of people around you? Not people from Russia, but your friends? They are superficial too. Can you get behind them and truly see those people? Do superficial impressions block your sight, or conversely, help understaning, serving as the first (but only first) step? I don't know. But with your frineds, with people (just people) understanding seems to be more important than it is with Russians. 
If you can solve this problem, you'll likely solve the problem with stereotypes about countries. And the same with everything: you have stereotypes of the world. Of the Universe. Of physics, biology.

Stereotypes, when they prevent you from seeing the truth are a cognitive error. Universal error. It is not about countries, it is a general problem of your ability to see and understand things. And you should solve it as a general problem.

P.S. Even when you exclaim "sterotypes are bad!" you are speaking about.... your stereotype of stereotypes. You're not very deep in your analysis. And you start your fight against stereotypes form a sterotypes.
April 28, 2019


I really appreciate your question. I believe most cultural stereotypes are based on ignorance. Therefore, to overcome these preconceived ideas, we must gain knowledge. Knowledge about other cultures will expose the truth and show that each person is an individual and most likely doesn't fall into a "specific" category.  This knowledge can be gained best through a 1-1 personal experience with someone from another culture, travelling, immersion, or by speaking an universal language such as English. What do you think?

April 28, 2019
Chaimae, I don't think that stereotypes are a bad thing. 

It can be a game, or a form of art. People may willingly present a certain image of themselves to others (or love to imagine others ina  certain way).  Cultures may present a stereotype. 

Also it can be a form of knowlege, limited, but knowlege. Russians try to make sense of Moroccans and develop a stereotype of Moroccans. One of stereotypes of Russia is "winter" and well, we do have winter. Another one is that we hardly ever smile:) We do smile differently. We don't often smile for "social" reasons. 

Many of stereotypes are not negative. Some are. All are superficial by definition! Most of them have a reason behind, but the reason is usually complex and stereotype doesn't analize it. 
But when you let sterotypes prevent your understanding of a person, it is a very stupid things to do. Yes, they can be harmful if you don't udnerstand what are they worth. So are they "harmful"? Well, then one thing from what I wrote would bother me more.
April 28, 2019
July 23, 2020

well,  first of all we need to understand that diversity is a gift that God gave us, being aware of this and before we verbalize our humble and, several sometimes ignorant opinion, setting a good or bad label over one nation, it will be better if we start to search and learn more about the history and beliefs of one specific group, always being open minded, being respectful and looking for the roots of its behaviors, mainly those that we don't comprehend, if we do this I believe that we will be much more assertive and less prejudiced, besides give us the opportunity to see the world with another perspective.

of course we can and must apply this in our relationships to understand for instance, why some people are more methodical, while others are more introverts and sometimes less kinesthetics, likewise there are people who are more expansive, talkative and communicative.

April 29, 2019
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