environmental protection
Today our topic about environmental protection
We can see those days a lot of common industry, they don’t care about the environmental but it’s their responsibility to prevent and reduce any harm to the environmental and the nearest area around them, and the whole world including air, water, flora, fauna, and natural resources. 
If they do that they well get a lot of benefits in their productivity due to increase morale of the employee, so the company should put good policy and this policy should aim to move forward, otherwise if the company didn’t care about environmental protection they well have a lot of significant ill health like cancer as example , and they should note that this well seriously affect their reputation and they will lose the next contractors, customers and clients, and the government through the minister  of industry will put penalties on them, so they must concern about that also in addition to they should analysis all similar hazards from the previous references that can be effect the environment and put controls on it, and also they can encourage the employee by grant them some money for whom implement the rules, as a result of   this the employee will race to obeys the rules and the policy of the company to be the winner, and the company can share this policy on the internet to help other companies to protect the environmental.

Apr 28, 2019 4:52 PM
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I would suggest that you place this piece of writing in the Notebook for correction.
April 28, 2019

Our planet has been transformed by the actions of mankind. Everybody knows about this, but too little has been accomplished in concerning to world problematic. Our Common Future, the most famous report on sustainable development from the United Nations published in 1987, has already appointed the triple bottom line of sustainability: people, planet, and profit. Following this idea, there has to be a spotlight throughout society for responsibility. However, when will this whole society actually engage in environmental issues?

April 28, 2019