Who can correct me? I recently start to take class at Podcast by myself. Hope u can give me some advise. Lesson 01

1. My name is Stefan.

2. I live in England.

3. She lives in Berlin.

4. They boo! (In this case, imagine you’re referring to supporters at a football match.)

5. He is an accountant.

6. They are engineers. (In this case, imagine you’re referring to your aunt and uncle.)

7. They are teachers. (In this case, imagine you’re referring to your two sisters.)


1. Je m’appelle Stefan.

2. J’habite en Angleterre.

3. Elle habite à Berlin.

4. Ils hue.

5. Il est comptable.

6. Ils sont ingénieurs.

7. Elles sont professeurs.

Apr 29, 2019 7:50 AM
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A few small corrections:

4. Ils huent

5. Il travaille comme comptable ("comptable" also has the meaning of "responsible", so it's important to make that distinction) 

7. Elles sont professeures
April 29, 2019
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