evolving into someone entirely new His son was ten now, and the one great thing to come out of the marriage. As fate
would have it, Tru contracted the measles when Andrew was a few months old, leaving
him sterile, but he had never felt the need for another child. For him, Andrew had
always been more than enough, and he was the reason Tru was detouring to Bulawayo
instead of heading straight to the farm. With blond hair and brown eyes, Andrew
resembled his mother, and Tru had dozens of drawings of him tacked to the walls of his
shack. Over the years, he’d added photographs—on almost every visit, Kim would hand
Tru an envelope filled with them—different versions of his son blending together,
evolving into someone entirely new.

 evolving into someone entirely new mean?
Apr 29, 2019 12:44 PM
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Sarah, people grow up, even children. One time they are children and like to play. Five years later they say things like "Dad, you're not actually rich", or they  ask mature questions. On a movie on Saturday a teenage girl asked her father, why he and her mother don't live together any more (well, not much), and John Wayne told her that that was an issue between the parents, he and his wife.

In your confusing story above, (hard to work out who is who?) the boy Andrew is evolving into 'someone entirely new'.

The child is growing up and maturing. He is becoming his own person, and not a dependent of his parents. It is like in some songs, where they sing words like 'becoming whom I am meant to be' or 'becoming who I really am'. This child Andrew is growing out of childhood and becoming himself, a completely new person to who he was as a young child. He is becoming adult, and not an appendage of his parents.

April 29, 2019