Sed Yasimov
How to ask better questions and finally find a language partner. -TIP OF THE DAY 9

Hola! Sed, here.

How to ask better questions and finally find a language partner.

What to do and what not to do list :

1. Be specific. Do not ask questions like - "I need help with (language)". Instead give a brief explanation, something like when you started, why you started, where you would use that language, your favorite topics to discuss. Chances you would get a response is way higher. Remember: if everyone can help you, no one will help you. People respond to topics that they are interested, not to every single topic.

2. Give Suggestions. Most of the conversations here go by asking each other open questions and that`s okay, but open questions won`t lead to anywhere. Start giving suggestions like - I am free to talk on these times, what about you? Let`s find a middle. Waiting Passively someone else to ask you won't lead you to anywhere.

3. Time. Once you get a response, that`s your chance to have an actual conversation, do not wait for the next week or the next day. Everyone spends time on this platform at different times. And if you get a response that means the person at that moment is interested in talking with you. Tomorrow, next week might be too late!

Have a great day/night! Till next time, fellas!

Apr 29, 2019 7:35 PM
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Thanks a lot, Sed. 

It gives me new perspective.

April 30, 2019
Well received your tip with many thanks . It's so useful!
April 30, 2019