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Giving an interview vs taking an interview. I saw an interesting correction that made by a non- native speaker on notebook section? Actually giving an interview or taking an interview when someone are having an interview. I did a little research on internet. Quora. Com says that interviewee should give an interview when someone was interviewed. Interviewer should take an interview because he is questioning. But I think this is not correct. Any interviewee and interviewer can be said giving an interview.and interviewer does too. When celebrities answer questions they are giving an interview, right? And interviewer offer an interview I think it is ok too. I am really confused with giving /taking an interview. How to use it correctly when specifying in interviewee or interviewer? Sorry that I don't want to point out someone's correction that is doubt but I want to know the truth if there's some offensive to someone. I apologize if it happened to offend. But you want to the answer so you won't mind it. Thanks. 
Apr 30, 2019 8:13 AM
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Hi there!

I've never heard the phrase "to take an interview" before, but can give you a few useful collocations. Let's say that Person A (the interviewer) is asking the questions and Person B (the interviewee) is answering them.

Person A interviews Person B.

Person A is conducting an interview with Person B.

Person B is being interviewed by Person A.

Person B is giving an interview.

I hope this helps!

April 30, 2019

I would interview someone.

I might attend an interview.

I also might have an interview.

I can offer an intereview.

I would never "give" and interview.  I might just about "take" an interview, but that would be a pretty odd thing to do.  I would take an exam but I don't see an interview as an exam.

To give an interview, is used mainly for "celebrities".

April 30, 2019
Thank you Matt. Your answer is very clear too. That is what I want to know about. Your comments are very quick. I won't say to take interviews again. That is wrong. 
April 30, 2019
Thanks Bill. I came across this correction I am doubt about it and I did research on internet it is true that quora did say that. I used to write taking an interview a lot so I was wrong using this phrase before. Your answer is very clear and it seems flawless. when applying for a job. I just can say I am going to have an interview(to attend an interview) And the company is interviewing with me.when it offers an interview. That make sense. Many thanks. 
April 30, 2019
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