How hard is it to find a job in your country? Nowadays the situation to find  a job is very complicated in Spain. Most work is done in the big cities  and you need to move  to these cities if you want to work. The problem  are the salaries, they are currently  lower than several years ago , before the economic crisis. If you want to rent a flat in the city you´ll have to pay a lot or share with stranges. On the other hand , we have the problem about hours, how many hours we have to spend in our job daily. I mean,  the  impossible that it is stay with your familie,take care  your children or simply to have spare time for yourself. Perhaps this is the reasson my country has a low birth rate.
Apr 30, 2019 4:36 PM
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PS my comment should read "makes this a bit more cohesive", not "but"!! 👍
April 30, 2019
First tip: nouns to talk about something in general are usually plural, plus some kind of conjunction makes this but more cohesive, so:

"The problem is the salar<strike>y,</strike>ies since they are currently lower than several years ago"

Also check the remainder of your text for capitalisation - only use capitals for new sentences and proper nouns.

Good luck 👍
April 30, 2019
Globalisation...But somebody can work online.
I have problem looking for job in a lovely place.
Everybody wants me to move to Northern megapolises or offer Spain as the Paradise when i tell them that I prefer The Sun. -)

April 30, 2019
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