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I think (livingarabic.com) is an excellent source of phrases and usages for both classical and levantine arabic. I am particularly interested in Levantine Arabic.

If you search for a word, the result not only gives you the meaning of that word but shows you where/when/how that word is used. 

I searched for the word 'look', below is a snippet from the results.


شُفتُو مْبَارِح [P] I saw him yesterday; {šufto mºbāreḥ}
لَمَّا شَافَت هَيْك [P] she she saw that; {lamma šāfat hēk}
بَشُوْفُو كُلّ يَوْم [P] I see him every day; {bašūfo kull yōm}
شُوْف شُوْف; [P] look! look!; {šūf šūf;}
بَحِبِّش أَشُوْفِك زَعلَانِة [P] I don't like to see you angry; {baḥebbᵉš ʔašūfek zaʕlāne}
هُوِّ شَايِف حَالُو [P] he has a high opinion of himself, he is arrogant; {huwwe šāyef ḥālo}
شَايِف حَالُو عَلَى غَيْرُو [P] he thinks he is better than everyone else; {šāyef ḥālo ʕala ġēro}
شِفت كِيف = شِفت شْلون [L/S] do you see what I mean? Do you get it?
شايِفْتِيه لَأَحْمَد [S] Have you seen Ahmed (note that AP has taken on a perfective verbal suffix, and has taken on a perfective meaning);
شاف حالُو [L] to be arrogant, full of oneself; (تغطرس);
طَيِّب، قِل لَو لَشُوْف [S] alright, go ahead and tell him
شُوْف، نَجْم أَبُو دَنَب [S] Look, a falling star
شُوف، قِلْتِ لَّك مِيْت مَرَّة لا تَعْمِلَهْا [S] Look, I told you a hundred times don't do it
مِمْكِن اِتْطَلَّع على هَوِيْتَك = مِمْكِن اْشُوف هَوِيْتَك [S] May I look at your identification?
ما عِدْتْ شِفْتَو بْهالإِيَّام [S] I've lost sight of him lately       transitive verb

I think its quite cool. If someone is interested in Arabic, especially Levantin, Egyptian or Classical, this site will help you.

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May 1, 2019 12:51 PM
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Thanks for this interesting resource!
May 2, 2019
Thank you bro 
May 2, 2019

Nice! This is the first time I know that such sites actually exist. I thought learning any Arabic dialect would solely depend on interacting with a native.

Thank you for providing the link!

May 2, 2019