Milena Vieira
I need help with English pronunciation. Hi, I'm learning English alone. the part of the grammar I already know well ... But I need help to talk.  to gain vocabulary.  Who can help me thank you?  I speak Portuguese native and Spanish.
May 2, 2019 4:17 AM
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Please let me know if you are interested in conversing with me at some point.
May 2, 2019 name is Hard, i come from Indonesia.
i am an English student.
would you like to be my friend to improve my English ??
May 2, 2019
Hi Milena,

Lessons with tutors can help you with pronunciation and vocabulary. The tutor can model accurate pronunciation and suggest vocabulary in topics you are interested in.

May 3, 2019
Hey um here to practice English as well text me
May 2, 2019

A helpful tool for pronunciation is to share an article with a language partner.  You can read a short portion and then your partner can correct you.  If your primary interest is pronunciation and improving vocabulary, this approach is efficient.  Having a discussion helps you to think and understand quickly but often does not give the opportunity to receive corrections.

May 2, 2019
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