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Have you been naughty in your childhood? Then my story will be interesting for you!

Denis and potato leaves.<o:p></o:p>

One day our faithful and inseparable friends Denis and Tim decided to  go hiking. It was a wonderful day, and our boys had an excellent mood. The birds singing and a good mood, as well as the absence of adults within sight of the eye - all these reasons contributed to the decision of the guys to go on an adventure. Each of them prepared for the campaign carefully, Denis put two sweatshirts, a penknife, matches, hard-to-get from his dad's study binoculars, and Tim took a huge coverlet, two old forks, and his favorite red toy car. In a word our friends were ready, but we have to understand the boys, they had never gone hiking and had never had such experience, that's way they were quite sure that they were ready at 100 percent. <o:p></o:p>

They met on the outskirts of their small town, satisfied and awaiting the most incredible events. With a cheerful gait, they walked across the field littered with daisies and other wildflowers, Denis was whistling a merry tune under his nose, and Tim got out a toy car and imagined that he was driving and he only needed to turn the steering wheel in the right direction to move on. The emergence of field residents, such as grasshoppers, naturally interrupted the peaceful march, the boys threw their backpacks off their backs and began to catch insects, competing who had the largest number in less time. Having fairly run over for jumping insects, our boys found that their stomachs violently murmured in the plea of entering into at least some food, they had nothing to eat at all. They also had no money to buy something, but even they had they understood there are no any shops or supermarkets. However you know Denis, he was a smart fellow and as the saying goes he solved the problem very quickly, he looked around the area very carefully and saw Mr. Forest’s farm nearby. Reaching the place the boys saw the potato field, and Denis incidentally remembered that he had put a box of matches in his rucksack. But ... and there was but, of course ... The guys did not have a permission to extract potatoes from the ground, and besides of it the potato did not ripen to the desired size, so the guys rummaged almost half of the farm field in pursuit of food. <o:p></o:p>

Having collected the harvested potatoes, the boys decided that they should somehow hide the traces of the crime, and they thrusted the potato tops back into the ground  hoping that in this way no one would ever guess about their hooligan trick, which was caused only by their stomachs asking for food. I think that it is not necessary to say that the secret was revealed and the boys once again received a portion of deserved punishment although you may guess that it didn't stop them to fill life with adventures.<o:p></o:p>

May 2, 2019 8:05 AM
Natalya (Наталья)
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