Do you think we all should have a "Taarof" system to deny our tariff?:D

I read about this Persian civility called "Taarof" which might sound interesting and a bit odd for them who are not familiar with Persian culture. Persians are known for their delicious food, rich culture and their humble and hospitable nature. And I think that's where this "Taarof" found its root from. Giving you an example how it works: if you ask the price of an item to the shopkeeper, s/he might refuse to quote any price, however according to the rule of Taarof, you need to ask them at least thrice to make the shopkeeper utter the price and then the real negotiation takes place. This is not limited to only buyer-seller but interestingly, according to the info(<a href="" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"></a>;) it is applied to love relationship where lades being a bit shy want the other person to consistently express their feeling. You can have a look at the wiki to know a bit more about Taarof.

I have a question for the Persian speakers. Let's say I went to buy a Persian rug and when I asked for the price the shopkeeper told me  "ghaabel nadaareh" and then I will say "Bashe, Khyeli mamnoon" and took the rug and started leaving the shop, what would be his reaction?:D I know it's a stupid question, but hey I am not a Kheng!:D

If you are not Iranian, do you have any such form of civility that is associated with Hospitality? Or anything that might be new, interesting and a bit strange sounding?

Oh how can I forget wishing you an amazing day!:)

May 2, 2019 1:39 PM
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@Evil Eye, I am also curious to know whether the young generation are moving away from the Tarrof , but I guess they are not. You can prove me wrong guys because it's just my guess. 

BTW, this Tarrof civility is mostly for strangers or foreigners who are tourists I think because the closer you get to a person, the less Tarrof you experience, right guys? 

Thanks once again for all your valuable time guys!:)

May 6, 2019

My understanding is that the convention is to pay after two refusals. Your taxi driver, for example, will refuse payment twice, but you are expected to insist a third time, at which point he will take your money. 

I am curious to know if the younger generation is moving away from engaging in taarof rituals.

May 4, 2019
Thank you, Iranians, and thank you, Troglodyte for the question. I've been curious about this for years

May 4, 2019

Haha, OK, would you take some silk, hand-knitted rug or a machine-made one?!

@What would his reaction be?

As you're leaving through the door, you would hear him say, ''I'm sorry for interrupting you, sir, but you just left your keys on the counter. Here you are! ;)

May 3, 2019

Hello Everyone! Sorry I  couldn't read and reply to all your comments sooner due to being stuck in a whirlpool. Now, I am safe and sound:)

First of all, thank you so much everyone for participating and sharing some interesting info and opinions!

@QM, Aaha, so you got a gift and a chance to  decide the tariff as well; how lucky you are! So, this Taarof system does exist in Palestine but only for some kind people like you:)

@Bill, haha, that was weird but funny. Thank you for sharing:) BTW, was the manager an Iranian?:D

@Casey, yes, every region has their own cultures which might be unique even in a bit different way. If you would like to share any Australian culture(you have shared one about the usages of lots of abbreviation, I liked that!), that would be great!

@Sara, haha, thank you for the tip,  I will never dare to do it for sure:D

@Abdullah, thank you for another piece of info which is kinda anti-Taarof system if I may say!:)

@Sina, thank you for another tips. I will make sure not to make them run behind me for tariff :D

@Anne, I think you would be that only shopkeeper in the whole  of Iran who could play a smart move like that, ha?:D BTW, I have no idea about rug, I mean the best expensive rug, so I would like you to give me the best one with a best deal.:P

Dravis @dravis. Glad I could pinch your curiosity with this topic. :)

Salam @Samaneh! Chetori? Thank you for the tip. Now, I am conformed that tariff is noting to do with the Taarof and I have to pay the tariff at any cost:D

May 6, 2019
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